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Sandusky Based Wedding Film and Photography
We want to tell your story.

Hand-crafted Photo & Video

We believe that your wedding day deserves to have best. Your memories are important, and our goal is to capture them in a way that elicits all of the same emotion even 50 years down the road. We create art that your grandchildren will love and that will be passed down for many generations.

 We only take on a small selection of clients every year so that we can be sure to provide the best for our couples.

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Your memories are valuable

You deserve an album that your future family will be able to touch, hold, and cherish.


We've been capturing memories since we were teenagers. We're completely dedicated to being the best for our couples.
Sandusky, Ohio Wedding

Home is in Ohio

Our home base is in Sandusky, Ohio, but we travel all over Cleveland, Toledo, Northern Ohio and the world beyond to capture the magic for our couples.
June 10, 2020
Alex & Andrew's Intimate Cleveland Wedding

When Alex & Andrew asked us to help them capture their day, we were elated. Despite COVID having massive implications on the size and complexity of their wedding day, they decided that they would get married no matter what. For them, this was so much more about sharing in the love of each other than […]

August 30, 2020
Lovely Wedding at German's Villa in Vermilion, OH

Lauren and Jon grew up in Vermilion as natives to Ohio and transplants to Florida. When they asked me to do their Vermilion wedding, I was immediately down. Why? Because these two are awesome! They wanted to hit up some of their favorite spots in Vermilion, including their highschool football field so they could pull […]

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