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Sandusky, Ohio Wedding Videographers

A Little About Us...

We're a small team that was born and raised in Sandusky, Ohio. That doesn't stop us from delivering world-class wedding photography and videography. After years of doing all kinds of video as teeneagers, eventually we found weddings in 2013. We've been hooked ever since. Nothing is more exciting than being able to tell love stories as a career. We want to be the best possible storytellers for our clients. That's why we're big believers in printing albums and creating meaningful, narrative highlight videos, which we include on every photography and videography package we do.
Although we're based in Sandusky, we've shot weddings all over the tri-state area and beyond!
Sandusky, Ohio Wedding Video

Jared Thornton

Team Leader/HeadPhotographer

I’m 25 and I still regularly eat Spaghettios. I am not ashamed to say that.

If I’m not shooting photos, I’m probably going to be cooking or working on a computer somewhere. And when I say cooking, it’s usually Mac N’ Cheese and Pizza – Yeah, that kind of cook. I’ve been interested in computers for as long as I’ve been old enough to use them. My dad used to bring home video games for his computer so that I could play them, and eventually video games turned into an overall love of computers that has taught me much about problem solving and creating new ideas.

My passion is creating. I didn’t know that I had been dreaming of being an artist for so long until I read a letter that I wrote to myself in the 6th grade that read, “I think I want to be a director or a pastor, but I feel like being a pastor would be very difficult”; Needless to say, not much has changed. My passion for creativity goes far beyond photography. As a child, I used to make stop-motion movie-parodies of “The Fast and The Furious” using HotWheels cars and my parents’ camera. I got into photography because I became interested in learning Photoshop so that I could make fun graphics for my Youtube Channel. I realized as I got older that, while I love the art of Photography, it’s the my heart burns for the art of creating things. Makings memories and meaningful stories is why I started OneUp Creative.

I love making new friends; So, don’t be shy, let’s get to know each other!

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