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Lovely Wedding at German's Villa in Vermilion, OH

Lauren and Jon grew up in Vermilion as natives to Ohio and transplants to Florida. When they asked me to do their Vermilion wedding, I was immediately down. Why? Because these two are awesome!

They wanted to hit up some of their favorite spots in Vermilion, including their highschool football field so they could pull out their instruments once again for some hilarious photos. They also wanted to hit up the Vermilion lighthouse to snag a couple of cuddly photos and the nearby rocks on the beach to snag some shots overlooking the water. One of the best parts about Vermilion is the people. When we were snapping photos, a family who was out on their boat made sure to give Lauren & Jon a healthy cheer of congratulations to the new couple. How cool is that?!

Lauren & Jon are big fans of Disney (remember the move to Florida I mentioned earlier?) And so Disney carried a strong theme throughout their wedding. From the Star Wars themed cake to the lightsaber entrance, and even smaller details, such as the figurines on their wine glasses. One particular detail is a small bottlecap that was on both Jon’s boutonniere and Lauren’s bouquet. Recognize it? When Jon went on his first date with Lauren, he gave her this grape soda bottlecap that matched the one that Ellie gave Carl in the movie Up. Later, when they got engaged, Lauren gave a matching one back to Jon. These bottlecaps became a huge part of their wedding day accessories as it represents such an important symbol of love to them, and I just love it!

Lauren & Jon got married at their church in Vermilion and had their reception at German’s Villa. German’s Villa is an awesome little building to have a wedding. They have some really good food, a great sized dance floor and enough space to host plenty of guests. It ended up being such a gorgeous day and I’m so glad they asked us to be a part of it. 

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